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“Dad, tell me a story…”

Jeffery took that request seriously when his three children were younger. “A story worth telling should reflect profound truth and be fun to read (and tell) over and over,” he says. “Jesus tells the best stories. They are short, suspenseful, usually have an unexpected twist at the end, and reveal some truth about the character of God.

Growing up, one of Jeffery’s favorite stories was Mike Milligan and His Steam Shovel. Along with classics like The Little Engine That Could, it’s a charming tale of courage, and redemption written by Virginia Lee Burton in 1939.

Jeffery’s hope is that a ragged copy of Pete and Pillar will still be on children’s bookshelves in 20 years…just like his copy of Mike Mulligan.

Jeffery lives with his wife, Franziska, in Colorado and between them they have four married adult children, and nine grandchildren.

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